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Nutrition 3 Ways

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Studying can take on many forms. One of them is Inspiration. The longer I study what I find interesting. The more I can understand how topics can be confusing, and how others can bring a clarity and vision into view. Even if when things are a little out of focus.

Do we really understand what it means to eat well?

We hear all these opposing suggestions and we tend to believe them all at face value. Then we tell them to others in hopes of being helpful to someone we care about. But do we really know and understand what the reason is behind that overheard suggestion that we take at face value?

After studying for my certification in fitness nutrition; which I found in direct conflict with detoxification nutrition, and tried to compare it to all of my past experiences with Mediterranean this and Intermittent that. I came to a conclusion about what I had studied, what I had experienced and what I actually wanted to present to the world.

So I came up with Nutrition 3 ways.

Eventually this Blog Post will become a book with more content and much more science and references than the time I have now while I am opening a business and finishing my studies and running an already established business of 20 years while we all come back from the Pandemic. So here goes and I hope you enjoy what I have come to understand and would like to share with you. Please feel free for now to research, argue and comment with science based comments and refrain from calling prejudice remarks based on things you did not take hours, weeks, years and courage to write about in this Blog. Thank you all and Hugs to even the ones I practice compassion to understand.

Nutrition 3 Ways

Nutrition is defined as the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth. But what happens when the process needed for that necessary health and growth has opposing purposes? Do we just ignore that reality and justify it with what we have overheard? Or do we study it on the front lines of our health challenges? I choose the latter.

Let's take a look at opposing nutritional needs and I will put it as Nutrition 3 ways. I am not diagnosing, treating or suggesting any method is better than the other. Please do your own research and practice your first amendment rights with regards to your own health and nutritional needs.

Fitness Nutrition

Wellness Nutrition

Detox Nutrition

Fitness Nutrition looks at food as fuel. There are energy pathways for certain foods and for anyone who has studied ATP you may still be confused. The book is coming and I can clarify this topic very simply in case you have anymore concerns.

Wellness Nutrition is for people who are maintaining a very simple lifestyle that life complicates. The idea and primary focus is to try to stay away from processed foods and meet the necessary RDAs. This is what the Registered Dietician and Nutritionist who went to college for four years and can prescribe you a food plan to follow. This is the typical reason for a healthy mediterranean based diet.

Then there is the Detoxification Nutrition. This one tends to get the confusion the most of all the concepts. This is the hub of the trend diets and fasting diets. They are purely concepts based on weighing scales and regained weight after the fad is finished or exhausted.

Each of these Nutrition concepts has a different process for providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth. But the one which I am tremendously interested in is actually the Detoxification Nutrition.

My mentor in this area is Dr Robert Morse ND out of Port Charlotte, Florida. He has been studying holistic health for many years, and when I first heard of him it was one of those days in 2013 where I had a question that would not get out of my head and I had no idea how it got there. " What on earth is this Lymphatic System?" - What I learned made me angry. What I learned upset me because I understood what the concept was in fact. I listened to this white haired southern accented man go on and on about love and compassion (check), talk about how the body reacts to certain foods a certain way (check), and how the body energy uses cellular respiration to function... (what?)

I had to return to my last semester at university where I fell in love with this GenED I was trying to avoid since it was science. With my 9th grade education and 140 university credits I was still intimidated. So I was angry that I had accidentally donated that book from my university nutrition class Human Performance and Nutrition and I could not look up cellular respiration topics much less understand them. I had only learned about Utube and all the brightness of conspiracy theories just 2 years before. I was and still am old fashioned and I like books. I like truth. Not purely concepts.

Cellular respiration means the cell needs to eat, process energy and it needs to get rid of the waste is produced. Too much waste or too much food congests the cell's function. Having had an exercise induced asthma and severe food allergies diagnosis I understand what it means to feel congested and restricted. Cells have a powerful job already. When we congest the natural need for homeostasis in the body we get conditions which need a diagnosis in the medical field.

Type 2 diabetes is one of them for example. Too many lipids/fats surround the cell and crowd the surface's key entries. Glucose needs to couple with a hormone called insulin in order to get into the cell for energy. When there is too much congestion from overeating or eating too many processed foods over time they will congest the entry ways for glucose to enter the cell and be processed. We then get swelling and overweight because the cells and organs made of those cells in our bodies are unable to process and breathe in and exhale their nutrients and wastes. The result: Excess Glucose Levels and a Dr Diagnosis for type 2 diabetes. Do the research and get familiar with the very well done comprehension videos from multiple pharma sources.

Then the Dr sends the patient to the Nutritionist. The patient goes and is told eat this hockey puck size of meat, this much vegetables and avoid too much fruit. (Fructose is very different from Glucose and does not need Insulin to process as a partnering key for entry. Fructose is directly assimilated into the cell via direct diffusion. When transitioning to a more fruit based detoxification diet - which we will talk about later - blood glucose levels are observed for two weeks and then begin to level off after the natural process of glucose shedding from the liver stores is happening).

When the patient goes home and maybe makes a couple more appointments to the nutritionist and tends to feel slighted by the lack of familiar food items and instead ignores the suggested food outlines prepared for the patient, the patient gets tired of being nagged and quits the professional help and begins to manage sugar levels with the insulin regulating products. Only problem is the patient gets dependent and the organ functions and cells will suffer, and then so will the loved ones. The Registered Nutritionist needs more attention. They are some of the most caring and knowledgeable people on the face of the planet. I beg of them to be open minded when I say there are other solutions to life threatening to the individual's pursuit of happiness food choices. Please be patient when I write about things you may not understand yet, and introduce common sense once understood.

What I suggest is for everyone to calm down. For the patient to sit back and learn from reading, from trying to the point of success, and understand that your family loves you and wants you to be around for a while. Fitness is not about giving up your relaxation time. It's about learning what your body is capable of doing for your soul. But wellness is an inside job. Some of us learn to eat from childhood needs to escape. Food gives us a happy chemical release and a lethargic sense of relaxation. It is at times our finish line to the day. Some people could just care less to feel the pain much less walk through it to the other side. The truth is with excessive intake of foods and lack of energy output our bodies suffer from a cellular level. It can even resonate with that deeper inner suffering we hide, and usually in the company of forks and pleasant smiles.

This tiny blog is written to introduce what my personal interests are in the holistic picture of health and fitness in my little studio in non Italy Florence, Massachusetts; also known as "FLoHo."

Much Love and Peace to all who are reading and then some.

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