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Philosophy of the Lymphatic System

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Spiritual Value

The Lymphatic System is one of the least discussed circulatory systems in our body. It is responsible for maintaining our health as well as handle our cellular debris. Within the lipid based substrate resides broken chain proteins, viruses, bacteria, cellular respiration functions and cellular metabolism. It's in my opinion the most amazing part of our human bodies.

There are many ways to cleanse our bodies internally: liver detoxification, dietary adjustments and the lymphatic system can benefit from purging it's congestion, or general lymphatic coagulation. We can get what a medical diagnosis may call a cold, and in reality this is most likely the body's way of healing by purging out invasive and putrid physiological elements.

The body heals itself for employment. When our bodies are out of balance it is usually a culmination of spiritual, physical, emotional and constitutional imbalances. This is a common assessment of many of the other healing modalities of other cultures, such as eastern healing influences. In the United States there tends to be an awkward silence in regards to the outside factors for our inside health situations. Well, it seems it's time to break the unsaid don't talk rule. That Reign has come to an end. Many people are challenging the old ways of viewing our health and trading in those old perceptions for something that feels more honest, and opting for less convenient options like standard medicinal practices. People are beginning to understand the power of herbals and their effects on widespread health and cellular regeneration.

There will be a book I am working on coming out soon about the Philosophy of the Lymphatic System. From years of study I will present an intellectual and philosophical dialogue based on existing observational health improvements.

Science will not allow this progress to unfurl because of the scientific process they have set up in the medical and science Industry. I have studied the various paths which lead to more and more scientific studies which go heavily muzzled for progress. Science in my opinion is one of the most unhealthy substrate our society has to date. The scientific method is redundant within it's society of sum amounts of corrupt academics all competing for the next big push someone out of the way in order to get ahead.

The problem is that real people suffer. They also will die as a result of this lack of patience for healing the natural way. Instead I the academic institution as a sickness within itself. I seek the purge. I seek to demonstrate the truth so people can talk about progress. The health care system is not set up for this to succeed, it would go out of business.

I seek the Truth. I seek for health. I will not try to fix a broken and festering lack luster and profit driven community of misfits. I wish them all the consciousness it takes to learn that what they are doing is unkind and predatory. Lead by an ignorance which needs to grow and heal. They need a dose of a new structure and type. A natural one. I pray for this one day, and do my part here.

My voice here is for the soul who wants to learn how to clean their body of the toxic violations imposed on all of us in our lives. To have an honest discussion about the mysteries of the Lymphatic System. How this experience can be healing. No one is winning the way the world is now. We don't eat clean foods as a society. We have an agricultural system based on old eating practices of pre 1900's nourishment mentality. We have been taught to eat things which will have a negative impact on our cellular respiration. Shockingly so.

The overall health of the human body after a mere 4 generations has deteriorated in so many ways. Higher cancer deaths, soft tissue and neurological challenges, organ failure, and many more including the auto immune issues of today. The truth is staggering. The truth could bring popular industries to their knees. The truth would be so enriching that to take it in immediately would likely cause you to go into shock and disbelief. I was so angry when I learned about the lymphatic system so many years ago, and more so that it was never talked about in my academic or health experience.

My hope is that you will give this truth a chance. Please leave a like to this blog spot if you are interested in learning more. Learning about how to deactivate certain cancers, repair soft tissue, regrow bone to almost new status, improve breathing issues, improve immune challenges and so much more like tissue regeneration. That in itself is amazing. There will be progress pictures of healing tissues and a pragmatic system of healing the human body.

The issue at hand is that its not only skin deep. This is also a matter for your soul. So if you are not in touch with your soul now you will most likely go on the attack. That is just some level of fear you have inside, and I understand that about those who may be confused, and those who are haters already. So when someone is crass and bullying in their voice it's because they don't understand the spirit of kindness. I have compassion for those who are impatient. I hope one day all can listen with an open mind and give the truth an opportunity to be heard. What's there to be afraid of if these are only words? Or are you afraid of Love? This truth is about Love, and love needs to make its voice heard too. Thank you. Compassionately.

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