Advanced Holistic Health and Fitness Studio

Caren's Story


1989 GED 

1989-1990 Cosmetology

1991-1999 UMass 

BA in Philosophy 

1997 Italian Studies in Tuscany

1998 French Studies in Quebec 

2000 Horseback Riding Instructor

UMass Beginner 1 - Intermediate 2

Dressage Show Scribe 8 Years 

Discipline: Dressage Riding

2007 Equine Myofascial Release 

In 1989 I took and passed the G.E.D. Test in place of attending High School. 

Attended Cosmetology School and Graduated in May 1990. 

Began working in corporate environment and found it was not a healthy environment for my talents and passions to flourish. 

1991 was accepted to University.

University Studies Major in Philosophy with 2 study abroad programs:

Italian Studies and Philosophy at University of Siena, Tuscany.

French Studies at Laval University in Quebec City, Canada.

Most Favorite Class Last Semester: Human Performance and Nutrition.

Most Favorite Philosopher: Baruch (Benedict) Spinoza.

Independent Studies: Philosophy of Being and Spinoza's Ethics; the first 15 propositions concerning God. 

Small Business Ownership

Amherst Hairstylists

Advanced Holistic Health and Fitness Studio

2002-2022 ongoing

2002 Opened my first 6 chair Hair Salon after working 12 years as a Hairstylist, also while a Full Time University student. 3 business relocation events (2011,2013, 2018).

Experience with small business start ups and mentored several small business start ups. 

1997 Developed exercise induced asthma and 2003 a severe left shoulder tendinitis after 1st year in business. Started learning about recovery and rehabilitation  process for repetitive shoulder injury survival:

After trying the MRI, Ultrasonic therapy, wet heat packs, traction and superficial massage I was referred to a professional masseuse. She introduced me to my pathways into swimming therapy, Massage, Myofascial Release, Rolfing, Reike, Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care, Chiropractic Neural Networking, Integrated Positional Therapy, Shamballa Multidimensional Energy Work, Medical Physical Therapist Sessions and then working with a Personal Trainer at my local gym.  All of this to enable me to cut, color and style hair for another 20 plus years.

2006 Endometriosis Diagnosis and several surgeries; learned about condition and how it attributes to infertility.

Business Survived Crash of 2008 ugh with a restructure of staff and debt. Started working with a personal trainer again.

2011 moved salon into a smaller building unknowingly with black mold and was on antibiotics for almost 3 years until mold was discovered. (Learned about Liver Cleansing and Lymphatic Drainage and Herbal Detoxification; and the role of hormonal imbalances on the human body). 

2013 Started Iyengar Yoga Classes, and always look back on those years with a large smile and soul filled with gratitude.

Iyengar Yoga is essentially the foundation of my personal practice.

It's focus is on anatomical alignment.

2013 Got married, and 5 years later sadly divorced due to unfortunate co dependent circumstances in 2018. Then moved business again.

2018-2019  Celebrated 30 years of Sobriety and went through a Divorce, 7 deaths: my brother, mother in law, lifetime's friend's father, matriarchal Aunt, a friend and 2 very special long term clients; filed bankruptcy due to my divorce and moved my business to a small private one chair salon

one year before the start of Covid in 2019-2020 

2018 Fell apart and asked for help and surrendered to the truth of my codependent behavior, cptsd, sexual ptsd, and a lifetime of suffering from outside narcissistic abuse. Much of these patterns were learned from early developmental years, and rooted in having to survive as the youngest of 6 in a multi generational alcoholic home.


Therapy and personal substances recovery experiences for multiple decades gave me the strength and insight to use the tools to get through such a difficult phase in my life.

Some things in life are not meant to be handled alone. 

2019 Reiki Level 1 Certification.

2019 Started with third personal trainer and then quickly transitioned to working with a female personal trainer and yoga instructor: Caroline Boyd, who has been my yoga and fitness mentor ever since, My Muse for Bali. (One Day). 

2019 decided to finally take time for myself and my spiritual and personal well being. I then planned a gifted trip to Bali for 2 months in the summer starting in May of 2020 to complete 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification.  

April 2020 cancelled trip. Covid Descended on the World. 

Advanced Holistic Health and Fitness Studio

My Certifications and Diplomas

2020-2021 ongoing

2018 Began Grief and Shame work with therapist, and 12 Step Programs.

2020 International School of Regeneration Detoxification Specialist Certification.

2020 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification - Online Yoga School.

2021 Chair Yoga and Restorative Yoga Studies.

2021 April Opened The Health and Fitness Studio.

2021 Certified CPR ISSA

2021 Certified Personal Trainer Certification ISSA

2021 Fitness Nutrition Certification ISSA

2021 Exercise Therapy Certification ISSA

2021 Lifespan Coach ISSA

2021 Glutes Specialist ISSA

2021 Strength and Conditioning Certification ISSA

2022 Bodybuilding Specialist: ISSA

2022 Health Coach ISSA

Working on:

Weight Management Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Recovery Specialist,

Ayurvedic yoga, Iridology and naturopathic studies. Blogging. Writing 3 books.

The purpose of this studio is to help people with their health and fitness goals, and to develop a business model for a True Health Care System Model. To be coupled with a Holistic Health Care Future for Personal Trainers, and Yoga Instructors working together in one office to help in clients' physical wellness needs. A patient typically comes from the Doctor's office, Nutritionists office, and Physical Therapists. No one is there usually to help in the transition to home practice after the treatment is prescribed and the insurance sessions run out. This is where the ongoing Health Care Practice continues into the home, and lives of people.


This is where it's important to go to the Holistic Health offices, Personal Trainers and Yoga Instructors after the medical experience is exhausted. Holistically the opportunity is there to include Chiropractors, Massage, Acupuncture and other Healing and Energy modalities.


Your decision is to find what works for you in your life. A certified fitness nutritionist coach can help you actually do the work that was prescribed by the dietitian, while also developing a realistic and doable fitness routine to use at home. If you do not do the work, the work doesn't add up, and you won't get the healthier results and progress at all. The healthier result comes from consistent action. So does the smile.


My Studio is available now. I do not diagnose, medicate or treat illnesses. I do not prescribe meal plans. I work with educating you to make personal decisions about your own meal planning and fitness goals. I use fitness classes for strength and stability, and yoga classes to support flexibility for strength and stability. I do not do massage or do hands on body work. I can refer to you to people with these specialties.  


My aim is to help you not be alone or on an unhealthy path in the process of healing your life when things go out of balance. It's natural to interact with life. I've gone through a lot and have landed on  my feet after taking a few breaths. I got into Yoga because my clients at the salon would always tell me to take a class. I said I never had time and that I was too busy at the salon.


"That's why you bring yoga practice into your life Caren".


In 2013 I finally walked in the doors of an Iyengar Studio and it changed my life. The hardest challenge has been to build my confidence, and I'm still working on it with a smile and a tear of gratitude. You don't have to go through life from a perspective of weaknesses. Challenges maybe. And you do not need to do it alone anymore. 

I offer Short Term and Long Term Sessions for:

Strength and Stability Fitness to maintain independence.

Flexibility Fitness for your mind and your body.

Nutritional Fitness as a Coach.

Detoxification and Cellular Regeneration Specialist.

Health Coaching for special moments in life.

And Educational Content and Courses will be coming soon. 


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